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False lashes.

You may think false lashes are a 21st century trend but they actually date back to the 1940s. Taking off in the 1960s, this was the decade that the bigger the lashes the better, better known as ‘lash-mania.’ The bigger, the better as women were all about glamour and wanted to experiment with adventurous looks. Though the most iconic trend stemmed from Twiggy, who was renowned for her ‘ahead of the curve’ style.

Apprenticeship v Full Time College…….?

The new term has started….. want to be in the industry and can’t decide the best way? we would always recommend an apprenticeship over full time college, you get so much more hands on experience in the salon and your skill improves so much quicker. To find a placement talk to the colleges who have employers waiting for you. Acadamy 5 in Fareham, Fareham College, Ha Ha Training Academy and Highbury are a few of the many great colleges locally.



So the Salon now has 3 awards and like buses they all came at once – we are so proud of our salon and our team and thank you to our lovely clients who made these possible.



We know the brows are strong right now, but here’s the thing,… not everybody has “perfect brows” yep!! filters and airbrushing work wonders on social media and magazines, but …… with a little shaping and some powder you can work wonders, AND don’t spend a fortune, infact….  use your eye shadows and keep it soft, shade wise, use your natural hair colour as a guide and go maybe 2 shades darker,  looks so much better………..  “more MIC than Towie” …… apply it with a nice sharp line brush and you won’t go far wrong. xx



If you didn’t know Argon oil is not just good for the cuticles, use it on your cracked heels, elbows, dry hair and dry skin.



Creating a French Finish is actually easier than you think, apply the white in a downward motion close to the end of tip, then, using a flat edged brush, dipped in nail polish remover, sweep the line to create the french finish.

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